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Who We Are

Since 2017 Meaning.Global has been accelerating brands' and organizations' adaptation to the new meaning economy. We are a global business imagination consultancy helping our clients imagine and invent new meaningful futures that serve our complete humanity and the planet. We see business as the most potent creative force in the world and use this power strategically to shape a better shared future. We are reimagining the future of business with meaning at heart to create a new future where businesses serve our humanity and elevate human wellbeing to drive social, cultural, economic, and environmental change. 

Our next-level thinking, insights, new ideas, strategic intelligence, education, and consulting services enable companies to reframe their thinking on the business of brands, shift their mindset to see the world anew, understand the real meaning behind consumer behavior, envision new forms of human value, embed innovation, and create authentic connections with the consumers as human beings. We believe that brands and organizations led with meaning will become powerful catalysts in society and lead the transition to a more meaningful, sustainable, humanistic, and prosperous future for people and the planet.

"Global authority on brand meaning" – Forbes

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Welcome To The New Era Of Humanistic Brands


A New Exclusive Study On A More Humanized Form Of Consumerism

We are entering a new humanistic age where our authentic identities, self-expression, wellbeing, and personal quest for meaning are becoming the new key drivers of our consumer behavior. This new era led by our values and human needs is paving the way for conscious consumption. Our attitude toward the value we consume is shifting from brands to the meaning they add to our lives. For brands, this means an entirely new way of looking at the world and their role in it. Meaning is the new core product of brands that people desire and the engine for value creation and sustainable growth. This opens up a whole new world of possibility to explore...



How Brands Can Accelerate The Transition To A More Sustainable Future: Global Goals Week with the UN

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A New Humanistic Brand Concept

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New Insights on Consumption Collectives

Building Brands on Joy and Happiness

Reimagining Consumerism As A Force For Good

Brands represent the value and meaning exchange between people and commerce. More than any other subject in the world – governments, NGOs or capital markets – it is brands that hold the emotional connections with people as they are a vital part of their everyday life fabric. Through their meaning, purpose and utility, they generate trust that in its scale and social impact isn't comparable with any other force in the world. Commerce if harnessed right can be the vehicle toward creating a more meaningful, sustainable, equitable and prosperous future.


Achieving these new sustainable goals requires a perspective shift. We need to shift the business narrative from people serving brands as consumers to brands serving people as human beings to add meaningful value to their lives and elevate human wellbeing. To create this meaningful value, brands must respect and serve our complete humanity and the environment we all share.


This requires brands to take the focus off of themselves and instead see people as the agents of change in the world – and empower their real-world behaviours by becoming not their friends, but allies to their authentic needs, values and identities. This is how the brand purpose will finally become real: not just stated but demonstrated. By acting as catalysts of meaningful change in the world, brands can use the immense social power that they hold as a force for good and growth: for people and the planet.

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Reimagination is the new disruption in business. The key to creating radically new value isn't doing different things but doing things differently. We will help you shift your perspective on brands, unearth the real symbolic meaning and reimagine your brand so you can envision and unlock new forms of human value and use your brand as a vehicle for a more meaningful and sustainable future for people.


We reconnect Brands and Organizations with meaning through:

Reimagining The Future Of Brands And Business Powered By Meaning


Building Proprietary Symbolic Universes™ 


Unlocking New Forms Of Human Value™ 


Perspective Shift For Meaningful Change™ 

Building your own proprietary symbolic universe is where a brand has to start today to create meaningful and authentic connections with the customers. Having a clear sense of your brand meaning is an absolute must-have today as meaning is everything to a brand: it is the core of your brand value that translates into market share and future business growth.

Knowing what your meaning is, how it connects with your customers, how to manage and cultivate this unique symbolic value that your brand inhabits in people's minds is where your success comes from. Occupying a clearly defined symbolic space in people's lives will enable you to create the social impact you are looking for to finally make your purpose real – not just stated but lived and demonstrated.

The old paradigm boxes of understanding value in a strictly monetary sense are no longer enough. In fact, we are outgrowing them – fast. We are currently going through what some say is a Great Resignation. To the contrary, this is a Great Awakening. It is a fundamental re-awakening to our own humanity that we have lost in business and brand management due to systematically telling the story through the brands' own point of view. This is how we have lost the authentic connection with the customer and with it the meaning and real value.

We will help you make the conscious shift from brands to people to reframe your narrative and unlock new forms of human value that finally looks at consumers as people – as human beings. Let your brand be the platform that creates real human value and adds meaning to people's lives.

Do you want to discuss these ideas and how we can accelerate your brand's and organization's future?

Dr. Martina Olbert, the Founder and CEO of Meaning.Global, is available for consulting, imagination workshops and strategy sessions, perspective shift, and strategic realignment.


To lead the change to a more meaningful and sustainable future, you will need to change how you look at the world first. You will need a perspective shift that will help get your brand, organization, and your teams on the same page. This is with one goal only: so that you all see the same things, feel the same things, and can articulate the same things at the same time.

Any change starts with an internal step-change first: with uplevelling your shared consciousness – your internal OS. Without it, you cannot move forward in a new direction and start growing sustainably because everyone in the organization will perceive the reality in a different way. What you need is a new shared narrative of your brand and business and its future potential.

To unlock the immense social power that brands and businesses have in our lives to lead the transition to a more meaningful, sustainable, and prosperous future, we have to shift the dynamic and change how we manage brands and look at their value.

The future of commerce lies in a simple yet profound mental shift: from seeing people as consumers who are here to aid business goals to understanding that businesses are here to improve people's lives, elevate human wellbeing, and serve the planet.

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Humanistic Brands: A Step Change Program

Making your brand humanistic means understanding that it's human meaning and not brand purpose that lies at the core of its value. Getting to it, however, can be tricky because it requires a deeper knowledge of the world context, our humanity and how to bridge the gap between the two for the maximum benefit of both brands and people. This program will help you make the evolutionary step necessary for you to jump into a new reimagined future: it will help you shift your perspective to see your brand anew, envision and unlock new forms of human value, and create a distinctive and proprietary symbolic value to maximize your brand equity and relevance.






Do you want to understand where your brand is now and how it can create a new and reimagined future to be more aligned with our humanity? To request more details, please email us below.

1 Perspective Shift

Taking your brand out of the old consumer paradigm and reframing its narrative from the human perspective will open up doors to meaningful and sustainable growth

2 Unlocking New Forms Of Human Value

Seeing brands from the human perspective enables your team to unlock new forms of human value for innovation, new business models and previously untapped markets

3 Building proprietary symbolic universes

Contextualizing this new human value within your brand's ecosystem super-charges meaning and brand equity and creates a distinctive symbolic universe


The New Meaning Economy

"We are on a mission to bring meaning back into business."

The 21st-century economy is the economy of meaning. In today's noise-driven world full of social, cultural, political, environmental, and technological disruption, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important – what holds value in time. When things don't make sense to us, they can't retain their value. And so meaning is quickly becoming the new most valuable currency in business.

We are now coming to the edge of the old story – the 20th-century business narrative that held things in place for the last 100 years. To make business meaningful again and brands take up real space in people's lives and make new authentic connections, we need to rethink the very foundations of business: how it works, what value it creates, how and for whom. We need a new business narrative for the new world. One that's based on human wellbeing, social impact, meaning, and real value creation as opposed to brand aspiration, imaginary customers, illusory purposes, data obsession, and profit generation for the profit's sake.

For the next chapter of business, we need to realign how we create value and what value we create with our own humanity. We need to retrieve our forgotten and neglected essential human needs and values and make them center-stage in our future business endeavors. We need to put humanity back in business to make business and brands meaningful again. Meaning needs to be at the core of value creation because it is the core of value exchange.

People value meaning – we connect with brands based on our own values, beliefs, desires, feelings, and identities. We don’t buy brands; we buy what brands represent. We consume what they mean to us. And so if brands desire to authentically connect with people in the future, they will need to revisit their own meaning. 

Brands and businesses are living dynamic ecosystems of meaning. To create sustainable brand value, we need to start seeing brands holistically in a real-world context. The value of brands is interdependent – it is tied to society, culture, politics, environment, health, security, happiness, and prosperity. At their best, brands can become powerful catalysts of social and cultural change – as forces for good and meaningful growth. Learning how to cultivate their power consciously is the next frontier of business.

Meaning.Global was founded in 2017 with a vision to offset

the meaning crisis spreading across the industry by helping brands and organizations understand the quickly destabilizing symbolic foundations of the world we live in and create new meaningful strategies for the human age. 


We want to lead the business world back to its original purpose: adding meaningful value to people's lives. To move business beyond just profit generation, business value must become human value first. This is how we will build a more meaningful and sustainable future for people and the planet.

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Let's build a more meaningful future

 Rebuilding Brands From The Human Perspective™ 

Brands grow through meaning. The more meaning you create the more value you gain as a brand because you will be able to create deeper, richer and more authentic mental and emotional connections with your customers. Brands driven by meaning grow faster and can turn their symbolic value into financial results faster and much more effortlessly than other brands that are still stuck in the vicious cycle of validation, awareness and reputation building.

Meaning accelerates valuation. Meaning directly translates into trust in

the marketplace and is the #1 predictor of your future brand valuation. When

a brand means something to you personally or adds meaningful value to your life, trust is built as a result – through the brand's resonance with your own values, needs, beliefs, and authentic identity as a human being. This means that it is not brand purpose but human meaning that makes a brand successful.

Meaning.Global takes a humanistic approach to your brand strategy –

as a way to add meaningful value to people's lives that serves our complete humanity. We reimagine and rebuild brands from the human perspective, centred on their symbolic value which is what people truly value in brands. Reconnecting with meaning helps brands supercharge their value, discover

a new place in people's lives, cultivate real authentic connections with people, and accelerate meaningful sustainable growth toward a better shared future.


People connect with

meaning – with what your

brand means to them.

So to build a brand with

meaning, you first need to

know what that meaning is. 


Dr. Martina Olbert

Founder and CEO of Meaning.Global

Are you ready to reconnect your brand and business with meaning to accelerate meaningful and sustainable growth?

How we work with our clients:


 Business Imagination

Brand reimagination and strategic foresight: Creating new forms of human value for brands

We will help you understand how the global shifts in culture and human behavior impact your business and brand and incubate new ideas and new forms of human value to unlock hidden opportunities and new global markets. We will make you see where consumer meaning is shifting and identify new spaces for future growth, investment and market opportunities.


 Meaningful Strategy

Holistic strategy for brands, business & luxury: Lead with human meaning and symbolic value

Creating meaningful value for people is the future of brands. The best brands in the world help us unlock our human potential and connect with ourselves to become more of who we already are. They act as allies to our authentic sense of self, essential human needs and values. We can help you realign your brand, find this human meaning and bring it to life.

"As the world's leading authority on brand meaning, there is no one better to address what all the changes the world, consumers and brands are experiencing mean than Martina. Amazing insights and understanding."


Pamela Danziger, Luxury Author, Researcher, Senior Columnist For

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Cultural Relevance

Brand diagnostics and analysis: Build a strong and culturally relevant global brand presence

We now live in a world marked by a Great Change. The new global climate, societal changes and evolving human needs all impact cultural relevance. Understanding how to navigate these cultural shifts is paramount to brand relevance and profitability. We will help you interpret the changing cultural signifiers so you can create a strong and culturally relevant brand that connects you authentically with your customers.

>> Is your brand culturally relevant? Get a diagnostics.

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 Brand Ecosystems

Create new possibilities for future value and social impact by leveraging brand meaning

Meaning is everything to a business today because meaning is the cornerstone of a sustainable brand and business value. Without understanding how to create and manage meaning, brands and organizations are robbing themselves of the opportunity to become a platform for social impact by giving people the value that they desire. We will help you unlock your hidden value and create a meaningful brand ecosystem.


"Global Business Thinker on Sustainability, Marketing, and Ecosystems To Watch in 2022"

Thinkers360, Ranked Global #3 Thinker on Ecosystems

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 Thought Leadership 

New thinking, brand POV and communication: Inspire change with a new perspective

New thinking is the prerequisite of new doing. We cannot change how we do things in business and move toward a more meaningful and sustainable future if we lack the insight, knowledge, and understanding to do so. As a global thought leader on Sustainability, Marketing, and Ecosystems, Dr. Martina Olbert is available for corporate thought leadership, syndicated papers, op-eds, publishing and education projects.

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 Speaking & Lectures 

How Brands Can Shape A Better Future: Educate and inspire your audiences

The future of business is headed toward serving our complete humanity and the planet. Brands have a big role to play in our transition to a more meaningful and sustainable future. But first, we need to shift the narrative from people serving brand needs as consumers to businesses serving human needs to elevate people's lives and human wellbeing. This is how we use the immense social power of brands as a force for good. 

"Martina presents a clear roadmap for how brands can ensure they are not engaging in purpose-washing, but rather authentically engage with consumers as humans. The thought leader we need for the '20s and beyond."


Dr. Giana Eckhardt, Professor of Marketing, King's Business School in London

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Companies we advised and worked with...


Thought Leadership

 What Is The Value Of Meaning In Business?

Meaningful Brands | Meaningful Business | Meaningful Luxury


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 Corporate Purpose or   Human Meaning: Which   Way Into The Future? 


 The Real Value Of   Diversity In Business 

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 The Future Of Brands   And Business As         A Force For Good 

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 Using Brands As   Catalysts For A More   Sustainable Future 

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 Patagonia: A New   Humanistic Brand   Concept  


 Building Brands On   Joy And Happiness 

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 How To Future-Proof   Your Brand In China 

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 Post-Aspirational   Luxury? No, It's   Transcendent Luxury 

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 Consumers Haven't   Gone Post-Aspirational,   Rather They Aspire To   Different Things Now 

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 Luxury Turns From   Conspicuous To   Conscientious 

Screenshot 2022-01-21 at 19.04.38.png

 The Luxury Identity   Crisis: How Can Luxury   Brands Regain Their Lost   Meaning?  

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 The Luxury Report:   Redefining The Future   Meaning Of Luxury 

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Book Martina to help you with:

Consulting & Strategy

  • Strategy consulting and advisory

  • Strategic interventions and realignment

  • Brand and business re/imagination

  • Ideas for humanistic innovation and new ventures

  • Inspiration and perspective shift for organizations

  • Managing meaning and brand ecosystems

Speaking & Thought Leadership

  • Keynote: How Brands Can Shape A Better Future

  • Guest lectures for Marketing, Digital, Humanities, Luxury, Management and Business programs

  • Thought leadership and a new corporate POV

Founder and CEO

Dr. Martina Olbert is the world's leading expert on creating meaning in business. As a strategy advisor, speaker, thought leader, humanist, futurist, business visionary, and social scientist, she helps organizations reimagine their brands from the human perspective to build new and more meaningful futures that use the immense social power of brands as a force for good.​

Martina is most interested in humanized business as a vehicle for social change. She focuses on how the shifts in culture and society redefine our perception of meaning and what people see as valuable today. She helps brands navigate the fast-changing socio-cultural context to capitalize on cultural change and create new forms of human value that add real meaning to people's lives. Her goal is to bridge the gap between brands and society to accelerate the transition to a more meaningful, sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for people and the planet.​

She gives expert advice on meaning and value creation, macrotrends and human foresight, brand and business growth, strategy and innovation, and the rapidly changing consumer behavior to some of the world's top consumer, corporate, luxury and lifestyle brands. Some of her past clients include banking, finance, investment fund, private equity, fashion and luxury houses, travel and hospitality, social impact start-up, a presidential candidate, NGO, technology, telco, medical, pharma, education, professional and marketing services, and consumer goods.


Martina is a global keynote speaker and university guest lecturer represented by Chartwell Speakers in London. She gave guest lectures at universities and business schools across Europe and spoke at conferences and corporate events in North America, LatAm, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. She is the author of Reimagining Consumerism As A Force For Good and

The Luxury Report: Redefining The Future Meaning Of Luxury.


Her education includes Political Journalism at Georgetown University, The Science of Wellbeing at Yale, Media and Consumer Cultures at the University of Glamorgan, UK. She has a doctorate in Media Studies from Charles University in Prague. 

She cares about social progress, humanistic capitalism, human growth, conscious business, the human mind, meaning-making, and raising the levels of human consciousness as a driver of social and cultural change. She is based in Europe and available for strategy, consulting, speaking, and workshops worldwide.

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Shaping The Industry

Martina's work, insights and commentaries on the future of business and brands are regularly featured in global media publications, luxury titles, academia and scientific journals, industry reports, podcasts, at conferences and global events.

As an industry influencer and change agent, Martina's goal is to inspire, educate and make meaning the new industry standard in business, brand marketing and advertising. She wants to shift the brand and business leaders' perspective on what really fuels value creation and growth and use brands as a force for good to accelerate the transition to a more meaningful, sustainable and prosperous future.

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What Our Clients & Collaborators Are Saying...


“Take Dr. Olbert's advice.“

Marty Neumeier, Author of Brand Gap and Metaskills, 

Director of CEO Branding at Liquid Agency