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We are a global strategy + human foresight consultancy reconnecting brands and business with meaning to create new human value for conscious consumers. We inspire authentic connections with people that drive real value creation, meaningful growth, and social impact.


We believe that brands and organizations led with meaning become the future forces of good in society.

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We are standing at the precipice of a Great Change toward Humanistic Capitalism, Conscious Business, and Humanized Growth. We are experiencing a 180° shift from brands to people reversing the inner dynamic of consumerism. As we are entering the new Human Paradigm, the locus of power between brands and consumers is moving from corporations back to humanity. This shift in relationship dynamics is at the core of the biggest and most fundamental change in the philosophy of consumerism in the last 100 years.

This in-depth study aims to help brands and organizations understand how to lead with meaning and humanity at the core to become forces for good and meaningful growth in society. This new thinking can inspire the industry to redefine the future of commerce: how we do business, how we view and manage the value of brands, and how we consume. 

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Reimagining The Future Of Business

... Powered By Meaning ...

In the new Human Age where our identity, self-expression, and a quest for personal meaning have become the most important drivers of our consumer behavior, meaning is now not only the core product of brands but also the engine for value creation and sustainable business growth.

We focus on these 3 areas to reconnect brands and business with meaning:


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What is a meaningful brand?

Meaningful brand is a brand that adds value to people's lives. It understands human values and essential needs, creates new things and experiences that authentically connect with people, knows its role and purpose in people's lives, and helps people better express who they are. It doesn't just strive to be authentic, it is authentic. Its value and authenticity stem from its integrity. We help brands create new meaning to maximize their value and equity.

Learn more about how brands can become meaningful forces for good in society and maximize human potential and social impact.


What is meaningful business?

Meaningful business is a business designed consciously to create real value for people. It doesn't make generating profit for the stakeholders its core value, it creates real value for people to then generate profit with. This is a big difference. The fact that we've reversed this logic in business it is the reason why it has become dehumanized and meaningless. We help organizations reconnect with meaning to create new value that improves people's lives.

Learn more about why commerce is the future force for good in the world to increase human wellbeing and generate sustainable growth.

What is meaningful luxury?

Meaningful luxury comes back to our spirit and human essence. Through its connection to beauty, aesthetics, the aura of symbolism and the intangibles, it has the power to uplift our senses, transcend the present moment and speak directly to our soul. It elevates the quality of our lives by fulfilling our needs and desires, tapping into what we value most today. We help luxury brands transform their symbolic value and create new relevance.

Learn more about why the very meaning of luxury is changing and how luxury brands can create new meaning for their customers.


The Meaning Manifesto

"We are on a mission to reconnect business with meaning."

The 21st-century economy is the economy of meaning. In today's noise-driven world full of social, cultural, political, environmental, and technological disruption, it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important – what holds value in time. When things don't make sense to us, they can't retain their value. And so meaning is quickly becoming the new most valuable currency in business.

We are now coming to the edge of the old story – the 20th-century business narrative that held things in place for the last 100 years. To make business meaningful again and brands take up real space in people's lives and make new authentic connections, we need to rethink the very foundations of business: how it works, what value it creates, how and for whom. We need a new business narrative for the new world. One that's based on human wellbeing, social impact, meaning, and real value creation as opposed to brand aspiration, imaginary customers, illusory purposes, data obsession, and profit generation for the profit's sake.

For the next chapter of business, we need to realign how we create value and what value we create with our own humanity. We need to retrieve our forgotten and neglected essential human needs and values and make them center-stage in our future business endeavors. We need to put humanity back in business to make business and brands meaningful again. Meaning needs to be at the core of value creation because it is the core of value exchange.

People value meaning – we connect with brands based on our own values, beliefs, desires, feelings, and identities. We don’t buy brands; we buy what brands represent. We consume what they mean to us. And so if brands desire to authentically connect with people in the future, they will need to revisit their own meaning. 

Brands and businesses are living dynamic ecosystems of meaning. To create sustainable brand value, we need to start seeing brands holistically in a real-world context. The value of brands is interdependent – it is tied to society, culture, politics, environment, health, security, happiness, and prosperity. At their best, brands can become powerful catalysts of social and cultural change – as forces for good and meaningful growth. Learning how to cultivate their power consciously is the next frontier of business.

Meaning.Global was founded in 2017 with a vision to offset the widespread meaning crisis across the industry, help brands and organizations understand the quickly destabilizing symbolic foundations of the world we live in and create new meaningful strategies for the human age. We help brands and organizations reconnect with meaning to unlock their authentic value in people's lives that they can identify with as human beings. We want to lead the business world back to its original purpose: to add meaningful value to people's lives. To move business beyond just profit generation, business value must become human value first.

Welcome to Meaning.Global: Meaningful Strategy For The Human Age


Reconnecting Brands And Business With Meaning


Let's make a meaningful change

Every brand and business is different and has different needs. It has different values, a different story of origin, goals, vision, and social impact it wants to make in the world. But on thing is the same: whatever the brand or business, it needs to find a meaningful way to connect with its customers as human beings and add value to their lives. People connect with meaning – with what your brand means to them. To build a brand with meaning, you first need to know what that meaning is. Whether it's an insight into the fast-changing consumer behavior, holistic audit, brand diagnostics, meaningful storytelling, or innovation and new creative ideas for value creation and growth, we can help you find the meaning you are looking for.


 Strategic Consulting & 
 Expert Insight  

Strategic foresight, sensemaking, investor advice

Are you perplexed at how quickly the business landscape is changing due to COVID and how the old ways are no longer working? You will need to steer your business in a new direction toward the emerging Humanized world to be successful. We can help you understand how the global consumer and cultural shifts are impacting your business and brand and where are the opportunities to create new value for your customers. We will advise you on your future strategy to create new forms of value, relevance, and new meaning.

Get ahead of the curve, anticipate change and spot new opportunities to create value. Ask for details.


 Meaningful Brand & 
 Business Strategy 

Brand meaning, human purpose, new value creation

Creating meaningful value for people has become paramount in the post-COVID world. As we are reconnecting with our essential human needs and values, brands need to add authentic meaning to our lives to stay relevant, valuable, and profitable. We can help you realign your brand internally and externally to create meaningful value for your customers. The best brands in the world make a meaningful difference in our lives by inspiring us to maximize our human potential, express who we are, and authentically connect back to ourselves – our human essence.

Transform your brand into a meaningful force for good and create new human value. Get in touch.


 Future-Proofing Brands 
 & Human Foresight 

Cultural shifts, consumer behavior, macrotrends

We now live in a very different world marked by a Great Change. Understanding how to navigate this new world and what things mean to your brand is paramount to business survival and future growth. Are you finding it difficult to adapt to the new global climate, societal changes, the fast-changing consumer behavior, evolving human needs, and how all of these are impacting your brand and business? You need to future-proof and understand how the changing human behavior impacts your future relevance. We can help you be a part of social change, instead of falling a victim to it.

Future-proof your brand to make it culturally relevant for the new conscious consumers. Inquire for more.


 Meaning Workshops &   
 Strategic Frameworks 

Creating one shared meaning ecosystem 

Cultural relevance is everything to a brand and a business today. And it doesn't stop at buying cultural insight services. Every organization today needs to know how to harness and manage cultural relevance internally. Most organizations today still lack this ability and stay stuck between different internal units and servicing agencies. We can help you change that. Having access to new cultural insight is key, but organizations need to know how to use it internally to instigate real change. We will help you develop a strategic framework for meaning and cultural relevance that streamlines your future strategy. 


Get your teams on the same page with one strategic framework to manage meaning. Send us a note.

Stack of Newspapers

 Thought Leadership & 
 Expert Commentary 


 Keynotes, Guest   Lectures & Speaking 

Opinion pieces, articles, reports, books, journals

Looking for a new thought-provoking piece on the next era of consumption, cultural shifts, emerging social trends, and how they're redefining the world of brands, people, and consumerism? If you are a publishing house, magazine, news source, academic journal, or agency wanting to collaborate on an op-ed, a book, or a syndicated research study, contact us below. Meaning.Global's Founder Dr. Martina Olbert regularly publishes and is featured in global media publications like Forbes, BBC, Newsweek, WARC, Vogue Business, Luxury Daily, Jing Daily, Branding Strategy Insider, and others. Her insights on the state of brands, business, consumers, and luxury appear in leading industry reports and business intelligence services and academic papers, and scientific journals worldwide.

Want to collaborate on publishing or research? Email us. See the latest insights and commentaries below.

Talks, keynotes, lectures, podcasts, interviews

The future of business is headed toward our great return to meaning, humanity, and conscious creation as a way to overcome the loss of spiritual meaning and deeper emotional connections in our lives. If you want to learn more about Dr. Martina Olbert's topics and her availability to speak at your next event, contact us below. She speaks on The Future Of Business, Brands and Consumption, Humanistic Capitalism, Meaning and Purpose, Meaningful Brands, Business and Luxury, and Reimagining Business As A Force For Good. She is a global speaker giving talks and guest lectures at client events, conferences, and universities around the world. Her mission is to reconnect business with meaning, humanity, and consciousness to instigate global social and cultural change.

Want to have Dr. Olbert speak at your next event, on a podcast or give a lecture? Send booking request.


Latest Thinking

What Is The Value Of Meaning In Business?

Here are some of the most recent articles, thought pieces, features, interviews, and podcasts on the role of meaning and cultural relevance in business, branding, marketing, and luxury. They deal with meaning from diverse perspectives: from value creation and growth, creative ideas, brand strategy, campaigns, storytelling, design and innovation to shifts in the cultural context and the need to explore how brands and technology reshape our society to humanize business and accelerate social change.

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Using Brands Strategically As Vehicles Of Social Good

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Market Analysis: How To
‘Future-Proof’ Your Brand In China

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COVID Offers A Chance To Transition To The New Luxury



We Don't Post-Aspire, We Just Want Different Things Now

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Patagonia Rejects Old Ways: A New Humanistic Brand Concept

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Who Will Buy Flying Cars? Startups And Industry Experts Divulge The Secret Formula

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Is Post-Aspirational Luxury
A Thing?

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How To Bridge The Gap Between Brands And People

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A NEW EXCLUSIVE STUDY: Reimagining Consumerism
As A Force For Good

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From Conspicuous To Conscientious Consumption: Challenges And Opportunities

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How Can Luxury Brands Evolve And Create New Meaning?

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It's Not Representation, It's About Value Creation


Meet The Founder

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Martina's views, insights and commentaries are regularly featured in global media publications,  scientific journals, academic papers, university lectures, industry reports, and at leading conferences and corporate events worldwide:

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Founder & CEO

Dr. Martina Olbert is recognized by Forbes as the 'global authority on brand meaning'. She is the world's leading expert on creating meaning in business, branding, and marketing. As a thinker, speaker, advisor, humanist, futurist, social scientist, and consumer psychologist, she helps brand and business leaders see the early signals of social change, understand what they mean, and how they impact where their business value shifts next to create new human value for their customers.

Martina is most interested in humanized business as a vehicle for social change. She focuses on how the shifts in culture and society redefine our perception of meaning and what people see as valuable today. She helps brands navigate the fast-changing socio-cultural context to capitalize on cultural change and create new forms of value that add real meaning to people's lives. Her goal is to bridge the gap between brands and people to drive meaningful, humanized growth and use the social power of brands and commerce to create new more sustainable futures.

She gives expert advice on meaning and value creation, macrotrends and human foresight, brand and business growth, strategy and innovation, and the rapidly changing consumer behavior to some of the world's top consumer, corporate, luxury and lifestyle brands. Some of her past clients include banking, finance, investment funds, private equity, fashion and luxury, travel and hospitality, social impact start-ups, a presidential candidate, NGO, technology, telco, medical, pharma, education, professional, marketing services, and consumer goods.​

Martina is a global keynote speaker and university guest lecturer represented by Chartwell Speakers in London. She gave guest lectures at universities and business schools across Europe and spoke at conferences and client events in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. She is the author of Reimagining Consumerism As A Force For Good and The Luxury Report: Redefining The Future Meaning Of Luxury.

Her education includes Political Journalism at Georgetown University, The Science of Wellbeing at Yale, Media & Consumer Cultures at the University of Glamorgan in the UK. She has a doctorate in Media Studies from Charles University in Prague. 

She cares about social progress, humanized growth, conscious business, the human mind, meaning-making, spirituality, and raising the levels of human consciousness as a driver of social and cultural change. She is based in Europe and available for speaking (VR and IRL), consulting, and workshops worldwide.

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Latest Talks and Events

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Sept 2021 | London, UK

WEBINAR | Democratization

Of Luxury: TOP 5 luxury trends

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Nov 2020 | Washington, DC


David Kepron: Restoring

The Meaning Of Luxury 

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Feb 2020 | Amsterdam, Holland

PANEL | Frame Awards 2020:

From Ostentation And Material Excess To The 'New Luxury'

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Nov 2019 | Istanbul, Turkey

TALK | Brand Week Istanbul:

Designing Meaningful Brands



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June 2021 | Dubai, UAE

KEYNOTE | HACKcellence Fest: Young Innovators & Start-ups

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July 2020 | London, UK

TALK | Luxury Renaissance: Reviving The True Essence 

Of Luxury 

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Feb 2020 | London, UK

TALK | The Marketing Seminar:

The Future Of Consumers And Creating New Relevance

See more
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Screenshot 2022-01-09 at 21.23.16.png

Oct 2019 | Berlin, Germany

WORKSHOP | Internal Communications & Leadership

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Screenshot 2021-03-14 at 16.04.50.png

May 2021 | Milan, Italy

TALK | FASHIONTECH WEEK: The Luxury Reset (see slides)



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July 2020 | London, UK


Lead With Meaning & Connect With Customers Emotionally

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Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 13.44.20.png

Jan 2020 | London, UK

PODCAST | THE SPEAKER SHOW: Fireside chat on brands with Sean Pillot de Chenecey

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Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 18.10.40.png

Aug 2019 | Manila, Philippines

TALK | Consumer Insighting & Storytelling: The Next Frontier


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Rory Sutherland

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Richard Wise

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"One of the best planning minds in the business."


Jonathan Cook

Creator, This Human Business

"A rare person in business capable of seeing beyond the problems of today able to grasp the underlying issues."


Pamela Danziger

Author & Columnist

"There is no one better to address what all the changes the world, consumers, and brands are experiencing mean than Martina."

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John Hays

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comments, ideas, and insights are one of the few sources that actually matter."

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