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Humanistic Realignment In Business

How can we bridge the gap between organizations and people and realign the narrative of business to better serve our complete humanity and the planet?

We are now standing at the edge of a new Humanistic paradigm – in our society and in business – and preparing for the jump. But before we leap into the unknown, a new direction rooted in our humanity, we need to conceive a new way forward. We need a new business narrative that is more aligned with our humanity: with what the core value of business is for people, what is needed today and where we are going next.

We need to shift the narrative of business from people serving brands as consumers to brands serving people as human beings to add meaningful value to their lives that elevates our human wellbeing.

–– Delivered at EXPO Dubai in January 2022, during the Sustainable Development Global Goals Week with the UN



How Brands Can Shape A Better Future

How can we reimagine business as a force for good and use brands as catalysts to drive a global social, cultural, economic and environmental change in the world? Business is the most powerful creative force in the world. It won’t be governments or capital markets that drive a positive change in the world – it will be commerce. Brands hold the emotional relationships with people, are a part of our everyday life fabric and are nimble to adapt to changes in policies, global markets and demand.

Martina explains the reason for this changing dynamic between brands and people in her latest study Reimagining Consumerism As A Force For Good.

–– Delivered at King's Business School, King's College London in March 2022



Purpose versus Meaning: Which Way Into The Future?

In this talk, you'll learn why we need to move beyond the overblown existential idea of purpose in business as the cornerstone of brand value and realize that the only real way to achieve purpose leads through meaning. 

Martina writes more about this changing dynamic in business and why human meaning is important in her latest article with the same title Purpose versus Meaning: Which Way Into The Future?.

–– Delivered at Brand Week Istanbul in 2019 in a similar talk called Lead With Meaning



Diversity In Business: What Is The Real Value Of Diversity?

In this talk, you'll learn why our outdated thinking about diversity is stopping us from achieving real progress in business and how a simple yet powerful reframe can unlock the immense power of diversity as an engine for value creation and future growth.

Martina writes more about this changing dynamic in business and why a fresh new take on diversity is important in her latest article with the same title Diversity In Business: What Is The Real Value Of Diversity?



Sustainability: How Do We Make
A Real Social Impact?

In this talk, you'll learn how the COVID pandemic has helped reframe the meaning of sustainability from efficiency to a natural extension of our humanity and what this means for the future of business. To apply sustainability to its full effect in the future, we need to move beyond the product, ethical sourcing, supply chain and operation cycle and see it as the new business consciousness: a philosophy to be embedded at the core of organizations to produce meaningful human value.

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The Meaning Metric: How Do We Measure What Matters?

We are drowning in data while we desperately lack meaning and sense. In this talk, you'll learn why data and technology have given us more information but not necessarily better and how shifting our perspective from data measurement to meaning measurement and adopting the new meaning metric can help brands and organizations finally see their efforts in a real human context and make the desired change possible.

–– Delivered at CX Emotion 2020 in London in a similar talk called Lead With Meaning, the Festival of #NewMR, and for the Insights Association USA

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The Meaning Of Luxury:
What Is The Future Of Luxury?

The very meaning of luxury today is quickly changing from the tangibles to the intangibles. We don't crave material objects of desire anymore as much as we crave the new luxury staples: time, space, peace, serenity, and experiences. What has caused this sudden change in our perception of luxury and what does it mean for the future?

Listen to this talk by Dr. Martina Olbert, the author of the globally acclaimed The Luxury Report: Redefining The Future Meaning Of Luxury, as she explains what the five cultural shifts in how we experience luxury are and what they mean for the future of luxury brands, hospitality, leisure, and investment sectors.

–– Delivered at BOND Five Star USA Conference in Nassau, Bahamas (2022), Milan FashionTech Week (2021), Luxury Week & Frame Awards in Amsterdam (2020)

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