What is the changing cultural meaning of...?

And how does it affect my brand or business?

We will help you find the answers you need.

Do you want to know how the meanings and cultural expressions of the big social concepts are changing in society today? 

The world is changing beyond recognition and it’s harder for brands to remain relevant. Cultural irrelevance is the core reason why global brands struggle to retain value today. 

When brands are at odds with Culture, they can lose their

value even if their legacy stays strong. This means that

global, premium or heritage brands, no matter how valuable

and established, cannot take their prominence for granted.

We help brands and organisations navigate the quickly changing cultural meanings in the world around us amidst global cultural complexity and actively capitalise on culture change, rather than being passively affected by it. We explore the shifts in meaning of the big social concepts of our time, such as diversity, identity, gender, masculinity, femininity, trust, conscience, accountability or post-truth to help brands and organisations culture-proof their new creative concepts, brand campaigns or corporate strategies and create culturally relevant content/experience that resonates with people in different markets around the world.

Understanding cultural context and what it means to your brand creates the difference between failure and success. Without understanding what the shifting streams of culture mean, it is impossible to understand real-world implications of any data that we gather. Context is where the value is. To champion culture, you have to understand what it's telling you and what this information means for your brand's future. This is why we will help you not only uncover what these cultural shifts are but also contextualise what they mean and how they affect your brand and business performance and profitability, and identify new previously unseen opportunities for future growth.

Brands who seize this opportunity will enjoy impressive growth. Those that ignore it will struggle. Don't struggle when you don't have to. Knowledge is power and it's available to you right here.

Which meaning gap will this help you bridge?

This will help you bridge The Culture Gap to restore value,

evolve cultural meaning and align your brand or organisation

with the codes of culture to maximise relevance and resonance.


​– Cultural analysis, cultural strategy and consulting​

​– Cultural assessment of your strategy, content, experience (BX/UX/CX), brand campaigns and marketing collateral

​– Cultural troubleshooting and ad-hoc problem solving​​​

​– Aligning your brand and business strategy, experience,  creative expression, policy making and corporate culture with the codes and course of Culture at large

​– Cultural Dynamics: Exploring the underlying cultural principles to optimise cross-cultural strategies


​– Meaning Evolution: Mapping trajectories of cultural meaning, identifying key shifts of culture change and how they affect the future of your brand/organisation

​– Macro-trends overview and cultural interpretation, also interpreting consumer/market data in cultural context

– Implications for brands, strategy, organisations, teams, leadership, organisational culture, Identifying new unseen opportunities and sweet spots for change​

Some of the key questions we can help you answer to maximise cultural value:

Is your brand or organisation aligned with

the course of culture and society today?

How are the shifting meanings in society affecting your brand and corporate strategy?

What does it mean for your communication, policies, hiring, engagement, content creation, BX/UX/CX, organisational culture?

Is your brand culturally relevant? Does it have a strong voice or live off its legacy?

How do you need to adjust your strategy

to better reflect the changing rules of

culture and society in our world today?

What is the impact of cultural dynamics

on the ways in which people behave? 

What factors do you need to be aware of

when designing a behavioural intervention?

How can you apply cultural intelligence to behavioural change to maximise the

impact of interventions you create?

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The Matrix Of Human Behaviour: 

What is the impact of Culture on human behaviour? What are the layers affecting 

how we behave in particular social settings?

How is the meaning of Manhood changing today? What does the crisis of masculinity mean for representing men in advertising?

How is the meaning of Gender and Identity evolving today? What does #MeToo mean

for brands and organisations?

What ideology is embedded in the

Technology we use every day?


How are social media rewiring our minds

for instant gratification and narcissism

and create a long-term social disaster?

What went wrong with the H&M's 'coolest monkey in the jungle' hoodie promo shoot?

What went wrong with the creative idea behind Dove's body diverse packaging?


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