Want to motivate, inspire and educate your team

or audience on the importance of meaning for  marketing, research, design, HR and business?

How to maximise the business impact of meaning in your brand or organisation? How can you tap into the invisible and intangible power of signs to maximise the tangible results you want to create?

Acquiring a new type of knowledge is key to staying current and relevant in business. Understanding how meaning touches everything in your daily operations, whether it's strategy, marketing, brand, research, content, innovation, design or HR, will help you make better informed future decisions.

We are currently offering four workshops to help brands and organisations tackle the systemic challenges they face when it comes to the disconnects from the pace of culture and society.

They will help you get your brand in shape from the POV of brand integrity, organisational culture, brand meaning, cultural relevance and cultural effectiveness.

We will help you educate, motivate and inspire your teams and audiences on the power of meaning in business, so that you can remove the common disconnects in your work, such as the lack of follow-through, cultural misalignment, friction and lack of coherence in messaging and communication, inconsistency in experience (BX/UX/CX) and misconception of the brand's role in people's lives.

Which gap of meaning will this help you bridge?

This will help you bridge The Gap Of Social Impact by acquiring a new type of knowledge on how meaning works to maximise the impact your brand or business can make on culture and society.

Speaking & Workshops testimonials:

Mojca Briscik

 President, Golden Drum Festival, Slovenia 

"Amazing workshop!"

Workshop video | Workshop link

Brand Meaning workshop (2018)

Art Flanagan & Jennifer Cattel

Vice President & Director of Speaker Relations

Insights Association, USA

"What a fantastic webinar! So much content!

I found it very interesting!"

Deepen Your Understanding Of Consumer Behaviour webinar (April 2019)

Ray Poynter

Founder of #NewMR, UK

“One of the TOP5 best content of 2018”

“One of six presentations helping you investigate the inflection point in market research and insight” (2019)

Festival of #NewMR 2018 & 2019

Chris Wren

Creative strategist, writer, USA

“Terrific presentation on the role of semiotics in solving business problems. So many of the brand gaffes we have seen in the past two years would have likely been averted if brands had paid attention to what’s in Martina’s presentation.”

Festival of #NewMR 2019


Susan Abbott

President, Abbott Research Canada

“A thought provoking clarity”

Semiofest Toronto 2017


Edward Wilson

Growth strategist, Marketing developer

“Real depth made accessible”

Semiofest Toronto 2017


Jason Mashak

CMO, myQ Technology

Semiotics & Meaning workshop​ 2018

"I highly recommend the semiotics workshop. Her expertise brings value to anyone working in any area of communications (meaning pretty much everyone). She’s able to reframe and refocus worldviews to better understand (via macro & micro study) how others can misperceive visual and textual messages – whether in sales, marketing, HR, management, or simply in daily interactions. 


We were very pleased with the insights that she shared, which showed us how various elements can convey completely different meanings than intended depending on the context. Very often we are too close to what we work with daily, which makes us unable to see what we are doing with fresh eyes.


Martina’s is the ideal outsider/objective opinion because she can express clearly any potentially problematic areas and offer practical suggestions for how to fix them.”


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