Do you want your brand to have integrity, be relevant, meaningful, valuable and profitable?

How is your brand health: is your brand thriving or struggling? Is it vibrant, full of meaning and integrity or full of friction and failing to deliver on its promise? 

Having a shiny new brand strategy is one thing. The actual

reality of most brands is often a completely different one. Turning noble brand ideas into lived truths is a daunting

task for even the most established of brands –– one where understanding how brands create integrity, accountability

and generate trust with people decides their future fate.

We can help you improve your brand's health by making your brand relevant and meaningful again, helping you deliver real tangible value in people's lives and making your brand aligned with its essence and the course of culture change.

When we work with brand managers, we make sure that the meanings their brand creates in the context of culture (externally) and on the inside of an organisation (internally) are in harmony and in line with their own goals, vision, mission and strategy. This way we can align what your brand says with what your brand actually does: its real-world behaviours and

the consistency of your brand and customer experience to restore integrity, accountability, consumer trust and value.

Brands are in the economy of meaning. We don’t buy brands; we buy what brands represent. We consume their meaning.

Without meaning, brands are no longer brands, they are

just commodities. They cannot hold and retain their value. 

This is why meaning needs to be placed at the heart of brands and organisations where it can drive value from the inside out. Meaning is the core of any strategy – be it business strategy, customer, brand, creative communication or design. Meaning is the inner essence of your brand and the soul of your company.

Owning your meaning means owning your future. 

Which meaning gap will this help you bridge?

This will help you bridge The Trust Gap to align what your brand says with what your brand does, its real-world behaviour, to restore brand trust and coherence of your brand and customer experience.


​– Brand health check: diagnostics of brand strategy, creative execution, brand behaviour, integrity, coherence and consistency of experience (BX/UX/CX)

​– Brand strategy: Positioning, vision and mission, brand values, proposition, brand meaning, brand narratives

​– Strategy consulting and ad-hoc problem solving


​– Opportunity mapping and symbolic territories​, identifying new unseen opportunities and sweet spots

​– Brand architecture and identity systems​​​​​​


Naming and idea generation​

Some of the key questions we can answer to help you maximise your brand impact:

Is your brand consistent, meaningful and authentic or does it generate a lot of friction in the ways your customers experience it?

(BX/UX/CX, messaging, communication, customer journey, signage, wayfinding etc.)

Where is your brand leaking? What could be fixed to improve your brand performance?

Is your brand culturally relevant? Does it

have a strong voice now or live off its legacy?

Is your point of differentiation really differentiating you or is it merely hygienic given the category your brand operates in?

Are your mission and vision guiding your steps or are they only a cosmetic exercise?

Does your brand have inner integrity? Is it accountable for how it behaves in the world? Does it walk the walk or only talk the talk?

We can help you integrate your vision with your reality so that your behaviour reflects your brand values, beliefs and core essence.

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